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Why did you have to go?
Was I not good enough to be the apple of your eye?
Did I become boring and drab? Out of style?
I've spent months and months pondering over the little word 'why',
but still I have yet to find an answer.
I blame myself day after day, and cry alone when no one is watching.
I thought what we had was perfect and lovely,
but to you I wasnt good enough to stay.
You lied more than a con artist,yet girls crawl at your feet asking for a dance.
I know its been a while, and I know you've treated me like dirt in the end
but I can't help the fact that I still want you here.
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Feeling of loss
To not feel,
is  like to never breathe.
You feel like a cancerous thing,
that no one would dare take a second look at.
You'll sit there and ponder why you exsist,
or why you even exsisted at all,
but all you want is to reverse time within your fragile hands,
and whisper to the medows everything is okay,
but you know...
the universe knows that you'll never be ok.
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Last night you feel asleep next to me,
you feel asleep so effortlessly,
I watched your chest rise and fall,
and thought about how we have made it through it all,
You looked like an angel,
something God sent from heaven,
innocence was upon your face,
with all the lines i was trying to trace.
I didnt want to move,
because I didnt want to wake you,
I whispered the words "i love you" as you dreamt your cares away,
you looked like an angel... my angel.
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DaNCeR by broken-voices DaNCeR :iconbroken-voices:broken-voices 0 0
See what I see
I wish you could see what I see.
I dont see you as fat or ugly,
I see you as beautiful and sweet.
those people that call you fat ass,
are just jealous because you have meat on your bones and they dont.
I love your brown eyes,
I dont know why you hate them,
they're beautiful to me.
They're so deep and wonderful,
its like they tell your life story and I love that.
Your smile is known to calm people,
because its so amazing,
and I like how the lines in your face curve when you smile,
its so warm and wonderful.
And I love how your hand fits in mine,
its like two pieces of the puzzle found eachother,
and they finally fit in with someone.
I only hope that one day you will see the beauty in you that I see
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Cave by broken-voices Cave :iconbroken-voices:broken-voices 1 2
LaSt dANcE
Prying off my chains,
while singing softly the sinners song,
as I dance slowly with death,
Im barely breathing.
Triwling across the floor,
my breath gets shorter,
Im letting the ocean in,
the sinner dance must end.
The heavy chains that had once bound me,
delayed my last dance,
it's time now.
The infected human skin is striped off,
only the skeleton and truth remains,
Death is leading me to the end,
my white dress is now crimson red,
and I see the clear crystals fall from my eyes,
they are taking the place of the one I had once loved,
but didnt deserve,
now it must end,
....the dance must end.
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Popping bubbles
Popping a bubble is like popping a little girl's dream,
its taking advantage.
When you pop a bubble its a mini supernova,
its pretty an all until it disperses and causes a catastrophie.
Everything is pretty when your a child,
but then you grow up and learn that the world was never pretty,
its a ugly ruined mess,
its trash.
We're all trash,
we destroy and build and then destroy again.
So what in the hell are we fighting about who is to blame for?
Honestly adults act like children,
cowering in fear at the first thing that scares them,
and on an impluse they fight.
Who cares if bubble pops,
its just a little girls dream,
a childs dream.
But you know what that dream can never be redeemed after its popped,
so screw all of you people who take advantage of the dream,
when possibly that dream might have help you.
No it wouldnt have given you a million dollars or a nice house,
but it would have made you smile.
Some of those little girls who had dreams are pirvilaged and others were not.
Some gi
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Understand this
I dont need to know what it is like to have someone who cares,
or someone who listens to me cry at night,
Im better off with a broken heart,
then one that beats for a false figure,
who treats my like dirt.
To me your a flower,
when blossoms it so beautiful,
but after time it wilts and becomes ugly,
and ruined,
you ruined me and I cant forgive you,
you hurt me.
Im tired of this and Im tired of you,
and all the things you do,
I dont want to go over this repeatedly,
but for some reason you never got the message,
I dont need material things,
I just need someone to tell me they wont leave,
because thats all you ever did,
you just left,
Not one word goodbye,
not a single dime,
you said all you needed was time,
its been years and I think damn well long enough,
I hope you understand this
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Broken voice
Im sorry I was never good enough,
that my words were never strong enough,
my voice was broken,
I could never scream out that I love you,
or that you hurt me before.
Forgiveness is what I wanted,
love is what I lived with out,
until I met you,
I would have never been still standing here,
out in the bitter rain,
waiting for you to look out that window and see me,
waiting silently to tell you,
I love you,
but my broken voice couldnt be heard,
through the rain droplets,
so you never got to here me confess,
that you are the best.
I take that as a yes,
that you dont love me too,
because I never saw you face by the window,
Im sorry my voice was broken.
:iconbroken-voices:broken-voices 1 1
I dont need to .... I love you
I dont need to eat,
I dont need to taste sweet sugar on my lips,
so that I can have hips.
I dont need your help,
or your empathy,
Im fine,
really Im fine.
You say I have problems,
my dear thats not true,
shouldnt it only matter that I care about you?
Im ugly,
and I dont deserve you,
thats why Im trying to be pretty for you,
and if it means starving then I will do it,
because the only thing I want to crave is you,
and its true,
I have always loved you.
:iconbroken-voices:broken-voices 1 1
A dress and combat boots
You see the girl wearing the dress and combat boots,
she thinks she doesnt need anybody,
that she can do everything on her own,
but truth be told she needs someone to take away the pain,
she needs her one and only,
she needs to give people a chance to show her,
that there is someone who would walk a mile just to see her smile,
I think she finally realized that her best friend would do that for her,
because they love her,
and she loves them back,
secretly she knows why she needs him,
he takes away the past,
he was one of the few who got the chance,
to see the under the floor boards,
where she hid all of her dreams,
because deep down she always thought,
that she would never be enough to make the dreams real,
clocks that stopped where hidden as well,
marking the times of catastrophies,
she needs to let go,
and hold her head up high,
as her body is dressed in a dress and combat boots,
because she is now ready for war.
:iconbroken-voices:broken-voices 2 1
What would happen
What would happen if time stopped suddenly,
for just a second,
If the earth stopped moving,
when Hell freezed over,
or when all love died.
What would happen if the baby cried,
when the mother screamed,
because the father was hitting her,
while he dreamed,
of only more hate in the world.
If the poets cried,
and the lover died,
while the vilians became depressed,
what would happen then?
Would we long for yesterday and hope every mistake went away,
even though we know that in the end,
everything that has happened,
will be everything that is.
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Ode to Depression
Raise you glass ladies and gentlemen to self hate,
To all those memories of tears that would pierce the happiness with death.
I hate me, dont you?
Try to remember all those times of insideous rumors being spread about you,
taunts linning every wall,
and fake people filling every mirror.
Nothing exscapes my depression,
but Im sorry to those close to me,
who have to put up with my misery,
because I cant learn to be happy.
No one understands this except for me,
nothing seems worth it,
nothing seems right.
"Smile, be happy", is the sentence I always hear.
"Oh!Your so pretty", thats a lie!
Im hideous,
ugly like dirt,
once among the maggots, always among the maggots.
Im not worth anything,
not even a dime,
my eyes dont shine like hers,
and my body isnt that great,
I have accepted that I am the defect in the factory,
why cant you!
You deserve better,
....someone prettier.
Im sorry I always complain,
but sometimes its just to hard to hold in the tears,
and violent screams of guilt,
I know that
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Stiches by broken-voices Stiches :iconbroken-voices:broken-voices 0 1
She sits alone in her room,
listening to her parents fight,
the word whore is yelled across the room,
she hears her mothers body being slammed into the wall,
they need to get away from this,
they're trying to.
A drug addict shots another drug,
he feels it course through his veins,
the pain goes away,
he forgets his troubles, his family,
he leaves them with nothing,
except for the hollowness they will all feel inside,
for the rest of their lives,
he left without a word goodbye,
he's trying to get away.
The model shoves the toothbrush down her throat yet again,
she has to be skinny to be pretty,
to be happy,
her agent is threating to fire her,
because she's not good enough anymore,
she's lost all control of her sanity,
she wants it back,
she's trying to get it back.
Faggot is the label they gave him,
his parents say he will go to hell,
because being gay is wrong,
to him love is love no matter what,
and if you cant love who you want without being critisized,
then what is the point in bein
:iconbroken-voices:broken-voices 1 0
Welcome to MY art,if you like it you can leave comments, if you dont then please dont bother reading them. I am really only good at writing so thats what all of my art pretty much is. Some of these are personal or dedicated to somone.I hope you enjoy reading them!
Thanks for checking out my page,

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Welcome to my page where you can read all you want( even though the writings arent very good) I proudly support TWLOHA and LGBT(even though i am not) My writings usually have inspiration or they are really just me ranting on something but I hope you enjoy and welcome to my dark corner of work.
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